Final Exam

The final exam will be required of those students who have a cumulative average of less than 93% for the year.  I will review who needs to take the final exam and who does not with each student individually in class on Thursday, May 21st.  The exam covers material from the second semester starting with Economics.  Please download the ISS Final Exam Review Guide to help you guide your studies.  The final exam will take place on Monday, June 1st.

The Physical Geography of the United States and Canada

Complete the Physical Geography of the United States and Canada Worksheet for homework.  This assignment is due on Monday, May 11th.  Remember to:

  • Define all “terms to know” in your notes and be able to identify all “places to locate” in both sections 1 & 2 of Chapter 5.
  • Answer all of the questions using the textbook, maps, prior knowledge, the internet, or your mind!  

Also, look at and be prepared to discuss the Physical Geography of US & Canada PowerPoint on Monday May 11th in class. 

Geography Ch. 3 & 4 Test – Thursday, May 7th

The test will cover the Climate chapter and the Human Geography chapter.  Be sure to review all notes (powerpoints, discussion & reading notes, and assignments).  This test will be roughly 65 points.

Also, check out these videos to help support the Chapter 4 material:

Geo Chapter 4 – Human Geography Assignment

Chapter 4 includes four sections.

  • Using sections 1, 2, & 4 (and the internet for questions you can’t answer from the book) complete the Chapter 4 Review Questions – sections 1, 2, 4.  You may also wish to make an outline, albeit brief, for the information not covered by the questions, but discussed in sections 1, 2, & 4 – specifically vocab words.
  • Section 3 is a quick review of our gov and econ basics unit – no need to make an outline. Helpful for a brief review of the earlier Gov & Econ units.

We will began working on this assignment in class on Wednesday, April 29th and Friday, May 1st, and it will be due on Friday, May 1st.

Geo Chapter 3: Climate Homework

Students should read pages 55-69 in Geography text, create outline notes (main ideas from each section and vocab words) for sections 1 & 2, and complete the Climate Regions Graphic Organizer, which can be accessed through the link and will be given out in class on Thursday, April 23rd, instead of outlining section 3.  Section 3 discusses the various climate regions found on Earth.  There are five main regions that then break down into sub-regions.  In order to distinguish between the sub-regions, you will need to provide descriptions that indicate how these regions differ.  Because climate dictates vegetation, you should also characterize vegetation differences for the sub-regions as well.

Due Dates:

  • Chapter 3 Sections 1 & 2 Outline: Thursday, April 23rd
  • Chapter 3 Section 3 Graphic Organizer: Monday, April 27th

Also, look at the Climate PowerPoint, which will be used for class discussions.

Geography Chapter 2: The Earth Homework

Read Chapter 2 sections 1-3 in the text book.  You’ll need to outline (main ideas and vocab words) each section in your own notes.  Be prepared to discuss the topics covered in each section, which means your outlines are due on Monday, March 30th.

Also look at the The Earth Notes, which will be discussed in class on Monday, March 30th.