Geography Skills Handbook & Chapter 1 Assignment

  1. Cover (cloth or paper) the World Geography textbook you were assigned in class by Wednesday 3/11
  2. Start a new section in your ISS binder titled GEOGRAPHY (or GEO) – in class 3/9
  3. Review the information in the Geography Skills Handbook on pages 2-15. These are skills that you should have already been introduced to.  If you find that there is information in this section you are unfamiliar with, add it to your notes. I will expect, for example you to understand the difference between large and small scale, what the different types of maps are used for and how to read them,  and the common geography vocabulary terms at the end. – in class 3/9
  4. Read and outline Chapter 1 Section 1 – outlines should include main ideas from each paragraph & vocabulary words with their definitions (blue words in text); DO NOT REWRITE THE TEXT; then read Section 2 & do vocab only – add blue terms to vocabulary list – finish for homework by Wednesday 3/11 (You can begin this assignment at home today using this link for an online textbook).
  5. Download the Themes of Geography Notes – this information will go with the outline you create from reading Chapter 1.1 – read through the powerpoint and be prepared to discuss it in class on March 11