European Tour Project

You are going to customize a tour of Europe that highlights multiple countries.  The purpose of this project is to gain a better understanding of the regional differences in culture and physical geography in Europe.  Students will work in pairs to create a guidebook.  For a more detailed description of the project and how it will be graded, download the project guidelines & rubric for your phase:

Due dates: 5C – 3/22; 5D, 3F & G – 3/23

Puerto Rico Assignment

  1. Read the article on Puerto Rico given out in class.  Be sure to highlight the main ideas and important details.
  2. Download, print/copy, and read the Puerto Rico Notes. Answer all questions in the powerpoint. At the end of the powerpoint you will be prompted to make a decision regarding the political future of Puerto Rico . Look at each of the options offered in handout from class (listed at the end of the article) and assess the pros and cons of each.  Make a chart for this part of the activity.  Once you have listed out the pros and cons for each, choose which one you think is in the best interest of the Puerto Rican community as well as the US and explain why in a persuasive essay.  If you do not like any of the options proposed, you should put together a reasonable alternative.
  3. Read these articles regarding Puerto Rico to help you complete the assignment.
  4. All Classes- due Wednesday 2/23

Geography Basics Assignments


Download, read, copy/print out notes on the Themes of Geography. – Have read for class on Friday 12/17

Textbooks will be distributed in class this week before we break for the holiday.  Once you have the text, complete the following:

  • Read through the Geography Skills Handbook (you’ll need to use many of these skills in the activities listed below) on pages 1-15.  You will be quizzed on the Geographic Dictionary words on pages 14-15 after Winter Break.
  • Read Chapter 1 Sections 1 & 2 on pages 18-27.  In your notes create a vocabulary list from the Terms To Know discussed in the chapter.
  • You should also get in the habit of creating outlines for each chapter you read now that you have a textbook.

Assignments to be completed before the return to school on January 3rd.

Pakistan Project Update

With the unexpected day off on Friday, some adjustments had to be made in terms of preping for the Pakistan Project. 

5D – Check your email regarding the changes for your class.  There will no longer be an official presentation required for your class; however, you will need to present your research and participate in the class discussion on Tuesday.  See email for details.

5C- no changes; we were not affected by the day off.

IR – check email for changes

ISS Political Parties Homework part 2

5C & 3 G – Most of you had time today in class to complete the 3rd party research, but if you didn’t, you need to do the following for homework:
1. Select a current US 3rd Party. 2. Summarize the platform. 3. Find out if they have ever had anyone elected into office. Due next class period we meet.

The final page of the Political Parties Packet contains three essay questions.  Please prepare your answers neatly on the sheet provided, typed, or written on a lined sheet of paper.  Each answer should be thoughtful and clear.  A paragraph (5-8 sentences) will suffice.

G – due Monday 9/27

C – due Tuesday 9/28

F & D – due Wednesday 9/29