Inflation Practice & Resources

These articles will help you understand the effects of inflation on various segments of the population:

Macro consequences of inflation

Who does inflation hurt most?

Effects of inflation on suppliers and demanders

Using cartoons to teach about inflation – see linked article on slide 18 too

 Use these sites to help complete pages 2 & 3 of the inflation practice passed out in class on Tuesdsy. Due Thursday 11/21




Latin American Issues Today

Building on what you have learned about the Cuban Revolution and the recent Leftist Movement sweeping the region, we now going to look at how these events have shaped Latin America Today. Issues that I would like you to read up on for class discussion include (click each topic to view the article):

  1. the changes in Cuba, with US-Cuban relations, and the future of the embargo
  2. FARC rebels in Colombia, connections to the far left, and the drug trade
  3. Mexican drug wars, stability of the Mexican government, connections to the US
Class discussions will take place on the following dates:
5A – 2/14
5G – 2/13-14
5D – 2/15
3F – 2/21

US Third Party Research

Select a 3rd party in the US that you have never heard of before and then provide the following information in your own words (do no cut and paste).

  1. Name of the third party
  2. Party Platform – outline it and determine if it is liberal or conservative
  3. Elected representatives (if any), where to what position
  4. Cite your sources

Stay away from the BIG THREE third parties: Libertarian, Constitution, and Green; all others are fair game.  Let’s see what you come up with.

  • 5G – Due Wednesday 9/21
  • 5A – Due Thursday 9/22
  • 5D – Due Friday 9/23
  • 3F – Due Tuesday 9/27

Evaluating Government Structures

Having read through the Structures of Government and discussed these structures in class, please complete the Evaluating Government Structures graphic organizer for your respective phase:

Due Dates:

  • 5A – entire packet (pages 1-3) due Tuesday 9/13
  • 5G- pages 1 & 2 due Monday 9/12; page 3 due Tuesday9/13
  • 5D – entire packet (pages 1-3) due Wednesday 9/14
  • 3F – complete phase 3 organizer by 9/19

US/NATO Policy toward Afghanistan & Pakistan

In 2009 President Obama decided to withdraw from Iraq and refocus US efforts in Afghanistan as the Taliban ousted from power in 2001 by US forces had reemerged to challenge for control of the country.  What do you believe should be the US/NATO’s strategy for dealing with Afghanistan and Pakistan?
Read the handout given in class with the four options, chose which option you see as the best, defend it and critique the other three options.  Your response needs to be no more than a page.  Substance is more important than length. Make sure your points are supported.

5C – Due Wednesday 5/11

5D, 3G & 3F- Due Thursday 5/12

Latin America’s Leftist Movement Homework

5C – Due Monday 2/14;   5D, 3G, 3F – Due Tuesday 2/15

All ISS Classes –  visit these websites listed below.  Reflect on your research by summarizing the reason behind the leftist (economic) movement and how this has affected the political leadership in various countries.  You may use specific countries in your response.  Your answer should be in paragraph format.  5 pts

All ISS Classes – Extra Credit opportunity – due when required assignment is turned in

  1. Determine which Latin American countries are currently controlled by communist or socialist style governments.  Make a list of the country names as well as their leaders.   Make sure your sources are current.
  2. Print a copy of a blank outline map of Latin America and shade in the countries that tend to be to the poltical left (more socialist) and those that tend to be more to the political right (capitalist).  Make a key to reflect this information on you map.

In addition to looking at the sites listed above, you are to find TWO other sites with relatively current information that discuss this topic. Cite your URL’s on your list, not your map.  Up to 5 points possible.


ISS Latin America Assignment

Complete mental map BEFORE map study!

  1. Mental Map of Latin America (Mexico, Central & South America, the Caribbean)
  • Do not use any aids to complete this activity; all from memory
  • Effort is everything.  If you map looks empty, you need to make more effort.
  • Even if you are not sure where something is, still include it
  • Maps should include titles, keys, compass, political features, and physical features
  • Final copies should be done on a blank sheet of computer paper (sketch first before completing final copy)
  • Use the whole page.  You map should not be mostly water.  It should be mostly land.
  • Avoid cluttering the map.  Use color in place of drawing or writing. Use abbreviations where possible

2.      Complete the map study

3.      Chapter 8 Assignment

  • Read Sections 1 & 2
  • Do all vocabulary (black words) and all Identifications (blue words). Remember that for the Ids you include the location (where is it?) and the significance (why is it important?)
  • Download and complete the Chapter 8 Review Questions(click link)