Soviet Decline, Chechnya, & Putin Reading Packet Assignment

Read Decline of Soviet Economy,Chechnya, and Vladimir Putin articles handed out in class on Monday & prepare answers to the following questions:

  1. What caused the economic collapse of the USSR? (several factors)
  2. What efforts (political & economic) were made by Yeltsin to help transition the economy to capitalism?
  3. How were both of these efforts recieved by the Soviet population – answer seperately as they had different reactions.
  4. Why does Chechnya want independence? Refer to its location and ethnic make up as a part of your answer
  5. How has the Russian government handled the attempts made by the Chechens to separate from Russia?
  6. In turn, what have the Chechen radicals resorted to in order to get their voices heard?
  7. What is the name of Putin’s political party, and according to the article, why have they been losing support?
  8. What has Putin done to earn the title of czar or dictator by Western standards? Cite specifc examples.
  9. Why have Russians been willing to accept some loss of democratic freedoms under Putin?
  10. How did Putin secure control despite not being allowed to run for President in 2008?

Complete by March 26

Latin America Current Events

Latin America’s Leftist Movement – discussed in class on Thursday 2/6.  You should have discussion notes from the class on Castro, Chavez, the movement’s affect on political leadership in Latin America, and how the US has delt with Latin America over the past two decades.

Cuban Reforms – reading handout “Cuba at a Crossroads” – read and discussed in class on Thursday 2/6.  You should have notes from the class discussion on US Cuban relations and how Cuba is being forced into economic change.

Puerto Rican political status – reading handout “Puerto Rico: Commonwealth, Statehood, or Independence?  For homework finish reading the article, the political options, and the polls, and then decide which option you think is best for all parties involved.  The powerpoint used in class can be downloaded here: Puerto Rico Notes.   We will discuss this topic in class on Monday 2/10 so be prepared to defend your choice.

Mexican Drug Wars – Read the handout “Mexico’s Drug Problem” for homework- to be discussed in class on Monday 2/10   60 Minutes Video: The War Next Door    US Mexican Relations at a Crossroads

FARC: Colombia’s Leftist Rebels -Print materials forthcoming – to be discussed in class on Monday 2/10  FARC Background Info  ; Taking Down FARC

Chapter 3 – Climates Homework

Students should read pages 55-69 in Geography text, create outline notes (main ideas from each section and vocab words) for sections 1 & 2, and complete the Climate Regions Graphic Organizer instead of outlining section 3.  Section 3 discusses the various climate regions found on Earth.  There are five main regions that then break down into sub-regions.  In order to distinguish between the sub-regions, you will need to provide descriptions that indicate how these regions differ.  Because climate dictates vegetation, you should also characterize vegetation differences for the sub-regions as well.

Due date 1/3

Price Elasticity & Total Revenue Practice

Complete the “Price Elasticity & the Total Revenue Test” activity handed out in class Monday 11/4. Read the material in Part I: Overview.  Then look at the example in Part II: Practice Problems.  Complete letters B, C, D, E using the same technique used in Example A. For letters F & G you need to examine the relationship between % change in price to that of % change in quantity demanded and write a statement that explains that relationship for elastic goods (F) and inelastic goods (G).  Fill in all the blanks on this handout.

Due Wednesday 11/6

Here are the Price Elasticity of Demand notes I used in class.

Changes in Supply & Demand Practice Homework

For homework you are going to complete the rest of the packet we started in class on Thursday.

You are to complete Activities 16.1, 16.2, 16.3 (the last three pages of the packet)

  • Graph before you circle anything!
  • Make sure when you are graphing that you always show the CHANGE in quantity and the CHANGE in price.  You do this by drawing in dashed lines from the equilibrium points and labeling EQ (original equlibrium quantity), EQ1 (new equilibrium quantity),  EP (original equilibrium price), Ep1 (new equilibrium price)
  • Once you graph, then go and circle the arrows that apply.
  • Under each set of arrows, write underneath the arrows which determinant caused the change. For example in 16.1 the potato market would see an increase in supply as a result of an enhancement in fertilizer technology.

Due Monday 11/4

Suppy & Demand of Gas Practice Problems

Complete the supply and demand of gas practice problems 1-7 handed out in class on Tuesday 10/29. Use the graph on the back for numbers 1-6. For number 7 you should decide if suppy or demand will be affected by the headline and how by circling the corresponding arrow.  Remember supply and demand will not both be affected, just one or the other.  Once you do that, graph the change that would happen for each headline on a seperate sheet of paper. Your graph should show how quantity changed and how price changed.  Once you have your graph completed, go back to the worksheet and circle the corresponding arrows for price and quantity change.  We did 7a in class as an example.  You need to graph 7b,c,d,e and circle the arrows on the worksheet.

Due Thursday 10/31

Supply & Demand Notes

Please download, print, and read through the Supply and Demand Notes for class on Friday 10/25.  We’ll fill in the blanks and complete the graphs in class.  You’re priority is to complete the packet assigned on Monday, read through these notes, and bring the notes to class.

Fill in all blanks, answer all questions, and complete all graphs in the powerpoint for class on Tuesday 10/29.