Latin America Unit Test 2/12

The unit test for Latin America will be held on February 12.  It will cover the material in chapters 8 & 9 in the textbook, all handouts, and discussion notes from the unit including current events.  The test will be like the others, part scantron, part written.  It will not contain a map, but you are expected to know relative location of physical and political features.

Geography Chapters 1-3 Quest 1/7

This will be an all Scantron 60 point assessment (not as big as a test, but more than a quiz; hence “quest”).  It will cover the material in chapters 1-3 as well as the geography skills handbook.  Because we will not have as much time for discussion as I would like (because of the snow day), the quest will now be open note.  Be sure to have read chapters 1-3 and the Geography Skills handbook as well as have taken notes from the chapter.  You will be allowed to use your notes on the quest.

Chapter 4 in the geography book is covered on the midterm but there is no seperate assessment in the 2nd marking period.  There will be one final homework assignment concerning Chapter 4 that will be assigned on Jan 7.

For planning purposes… We will use class time on Jan 9 to go over the Econ Test and the Geo, as well as the chapter 4 homework assignment in preparation for the midterm.  The midterm will cover government, economics, and geography.  A review sheet will follow.

Economic Ideologies Homework

Having discussed capitalism. communism, and socialism in class today, you should be able to now form opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of each economic ideology.  For homework, complete the pro/con chart for each ideology.  You should fill the entire box with AT LEAST FOUR PROS AND FOUR CONS for each ideology. 

Due Thursday 10/17

Economic Ideology quiz next week…Monday 10/21.

Ulster Project of Delaware

On Friday, October 11 there will be a meeting for those interested in participating in the Ulster Project.  This program brings Northern Irish Catholic and Protestant teens to Delaware for the month of July. This is where you would come in.  The Irish teens are paired up with American teens who host them. The kids spend the month going on trips, retreats, etc. all in the hopes of educating them about the “troubles” in N. Ireland as well as getting them to see that they all have more in common than differences. This is a great opportunity to gain cultural and historical perspectives not often experienced.
The program is open to freshman and sophomores.  The interest meeting will take place on Friday, October 11th during activity period in with Mr. Stella in room 214  (Mr. Thompson’s room).  If you are interested in participating, but can’t make the meeting, email