ISS Syllabus

Course Description:

            This course is designed to prepare students for upper level social studies courses.  The first semester will be spent learning and reviewing the basic concepts of government, economics, and geography. From there the course will revolve around those three main themes (geography, government, and economics) as they are applied regionally across the world.  The student will develop his/her own personal geographical framework or mental map as well as understand the use of maps.  Students will also develop knowledge of the ways humans modify and respond to their environment, understand the diversity of human culture, and understand the character and use of regions and their connections between and among them.  In the economic portion of this class, students will analyze macro and microeconomics, focusing on both foreign and domestic economic systems.  In the government portion, students will learn the structure and purpose of government, the ideals underlying the American political system, and develop an understanding of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of U.S. citizenship.  This course will focus primarily on the United States for the second marking period, while the second semester will be spent developing a sense of the world community by looking specifically at major world regions.   Besides meeting the state standards, each student will learn to think critically about the world, analyze domestic and global issues, develop educated opinions on controversial topics, and become more aware of the world in which we all live.

Grading Policy:

            Grades are based on a weighted system.  Tests and major projects are 40 % of the total grade, while homework and classwork account for 30%, and quizzes/minor projects are worth 30%.  Notebook checks are not scheduled but will be spot-checked from time to time to ensure the student is keeping pace and staying organized. Homework and classwork are expected to be turned in on time!  Late work may be turned in for ½ credit; however, late work will only be accepted ONE DAY late.  If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get any assignments or directions from the teacher on the day of return and/or from the Homework Blog provided on my website (see above for address).  Students missing class for sports or clubs are required to check in with the teacher prior to leaving for the day. A 70% is the minimal passing grade for ISS.  Grades will be posted online using the website provided that the site is functioning properly.  All students will be provided with a username and password so they may access their grades at anytime. Parents should use this tool to check the progress of their children as well. 

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